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    This seems to be a basic question but I don’t see how its supposed to work in the tutorial of the plugin.

    The website owner collecting payments is doing so in Terawallet using a Stripe payments. Money then goes to owner’s Stripe account.

    If a user now wants to make a withdrawal from what I can tell there are options for Bank Account, Paypal and Stripe. As an example let’s say I use Paypal as the withdrawal method how is that actual transaction take place to send the money back to the user? The owner only has the money in Stripe (not using Paypal). I only want to enable Bank Transfer and Paypal as ways to withdrawal money.

    Does this mean if the owner only has a Stripe account then I can only enable Stripe as a withdrawal method to make the connection between accounts?

    Please help! I’ve tried testing and I can approve the withdrawal request but no money is exchanged between Stripe/Paypal.

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