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Join the cashless Revolution with WooCommerce Wallet plugin, the leading wallet plugin with partial payment, refunds, cashbacks and what not!

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“I have checked all of the wallet plugins and I assure you, you do not need to search and check anymore! The best wallet plugin is right here. enjoy it.”

RAHIM (@rahimvaziri)

“I got almost instant and great support from the team and they helped me solve an issue that was outside of the plugins features

TAYZEE (@tayzee)

”I don’t know much about other virtual wallet plugins out there, but this one does more than expected and it works flawlessly with the latest versions of WP and WC. The support is fantastic, never lets an issue unresolved and really considers your desires for future feature releases!”

MIKEYHASH (@mikeyhash)
“This a great wallet system that suites perfectly with dokan and woocommerce. I love it! Thanks a lot Subrata Mal for this plugin.“
CUSHBIN (@cushbin)


WooWallet is the brain child of an unit of WooCommerce experts who with their more than 20-man years of experience understood the importance of a dynamic wallet for the most popular e-commerce engine out there. We love WordPress and WooCommerce and promote open source ideals, day in, day out. Our ultimate vision is to make WooWallet as convenient to use as the one you keep in your pocket.
Our support team is there for you, always, as we take you down the incredible journey with the number one wallet plugin of WooCommerce. Hold your breathe!