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    Hi team, I just want to say this is an excellent plugin and we are very keen to use this for our marketplace created with the Dokan plugin for which I saw that you wrote is compatible. We have a few questions regarding the integration with Dokan and some general queries on the functionality before we decide to implement TeraWallet instead of other plugins. If this requires customization, please let us know the price as well.

    1. When a customer uses credit in their wallet, this should be deducted from the admin’s commission instead of both admin commission and vendor payout. For example, if a customer checks out for $100 (assuming marketplace commission is 15% and vendor payout is 85%) with wallet credit of $10, the vendor should receive $85 and the admin should receive $5 ($15 minus $10 wallet credit). This is because the wallet credit is owned by the marketplace and not the vendor and also because the customer may have earned the $10 from cashback from purchases from other vendors. Can you please let us know if this is the default functionality of the plugin and if not, how can we make this happen?

    2. Cap on how much wallet credit a customer can use when checking out. Assuming that the marketplace admin is charging 15% commission for each sale, we would like to cap the maximum % that a customer can use upon checkout. Eg. 15% or 10%. Do you have a code for this?

    3. Set expiry of wallet credit to be 6 months or 1 calendar year after they have been earned. Is this possible?

    4. The cashback should be calculated on the total product price excluding shipping and taxes and minus any coupons the customer is using. For example, if the total in cart is $100 (total product price) + $10 shipping + $5 tax = $115, after a 20% coupon the cart should be $80 (product price after discount) + $10 shipping + $4 tax. The cashback amount, assuming 7% rate, should be $80 x 7% = $5.60. Please let us know if this is the default way cashback is calculated, and if not, given that this is how cashback should be calculated, how can we make sure that this formula is applied?

    5. Referrals. When an existing user refers a customer, we would like for (i) the new user the customer has referred to receive a voucher for 10% off $50 minimum spend and above their first purchase and (ii) the customer who referred the new use to receive a 10% off $50 minimum spend once the new user has made their first order. (Based on the rule set in question number 1, this discount should be taken out of the marketplace admin’s commission instead of vendor;s commission).

    Thank you very much! We look forward to your response.

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