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Vikramjit Chatterjee
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Please find below the three crucial points to get resolved from your side regarding Wallet Withdrawel option. The points are:
1] Since we dont have any payment Gateway we use WOO Wallet. in that case the users have been paying us via their Own UPI and then we add the paid amount manually in Woo Wallet balance. Hence when they buy anything from the site they directly pay the required amount from their Wallet Balance.
2] As we dont have any payment Gateway the withdrawel request made by the users needs to be Accepted and deducted from the Woo Wallet Automatically. However, in reality we would transfer the Amount in their personal Bank accounts manually.
We don’t have any other gateway. So it would be better to make it easier for the user.
3] This is the reason it is Necessary that the Withdrawel system should be Semi Automatic.
4] Since the present payment Bank transfer method requires all Users to fill out a form where SWIFT and IBAN Code sectios are Irrelevant for our Indian nationals as these Codes are not available with us instantly. therefore, we would ask you to either remove these 2 feilds or make them optional.
5] So, we would request you to Add UPI as an another Option as payment method where users will need to provide only their UPI ID and Mobile numbers.

Theerefore, please make these Customizations from your end as soon as possible else please guide us to resolve the above mentioned issues.